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Local Initiatives

Humanitarian efforts are always a priority at The Ahmed Abbas Foundation. Not only do we support less fortunate people abroad, but our humanitarian efforts actually began right here in Calgary.


Over the past few years, many refugees have arrived in Calgary with nothing more than the clothes on their back. We make an effort in seeking out these refugees and provide them with anything they need. Whether its clothing for Calgary's cold winters or a groceries, we make it our mission to improve their lives and the lives or their families.


Our Islamic heritage as well as our Canadian values teach us to help those in need. That is why we have had multiple food drives, clothing drives, and gift card distribution to Calgary's most vulnerable.

Emergency Aid

When our fellow Albertan's needed our help, we were there to answer the call. During the 2016 Fort McMurray fires and the 2014 Calgary flood, the Ahmed Abbas Foundation assisted in any way possible, including working with the Calgary Food Drive to deliver food baskets to the affected families.

Our Partners

We could not do all that we do without our generous partners and donors: 

- Islamic Relief Canada

- Tim Hortons Children Foundation 

- Alberta Cancer Care 

- Supreme Security 

- Amana Construction 

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